Having worked closely with various fuel policymakers, regulators and stakeholders in the fuel industry in Asia and the Middle East since 2000, ACFA has extensive experience in fuel quality improvement issues.

We provide scientific information and data as well as technical expertise and knowledge to several national policymaking bodies to empower their clean fuels programs and efforts. We also collaborate with the oil and auto industries, non-government organisations (NGOs) and the academia to facilitate a scientific approach to fuels legislation across the region.

The benefits you will derive in working with our Association will largely depend on your business and interests.

Some of the benefits of working with ACFA are:

  • Access to expert advice and knowledge on clean fuel components, clean automotive fuels and the oil industry

  • Access to knowledge, expertise and experience available in ACFA’s global network of partner entities around the world

  • Access to policy and technical information that is accurate, objective, independent and timely

  • Opportunities to network and engage with organizations and people in the automotive fuels industry

Our key activities center around the improvement of air quality through the use of clean fuels components in automotive fuels. With the support from some of the world’s most prominent oil and petrochemical companies, we have organized and facilitated forums to debate and address air quality management issues with a focus on the relationship between cleaner transport fuels and better air quality.

These ventures have provided a platform to forward initiatives and activities arising from these discussions and also established ACFA as a useful facilitator to co-operate and network with such like-minded organisations around the world.